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POLITICAL SIGNAGE REMOVAL IS THEFTJerry Holland clears up misunderstandings of Florida requirement to remove signs and city snipe sign buy-back program


March 27, 2015

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JACKSONVILLE – Duval County Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland’s office received complaints today from candidates in May’s Unitary Elections whose signs were illegally removed by citizens and city departments.
Statement by Duval County Supervisor of Elections, Jerry Holland on political signage:
“There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding relating to city ordinance 656.1314 that requires candidates to remove signs 7 days after their completed election. For those candidates who advance on to May, they are still in the midst of an election and their signs may still be displayed. Any removal of those signs is pure and simple theft than can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Those candidates whose races have finished must remove their signs or have authorized representatives do so within 7 days of March 24th.”
Jerry Holland on the city snipe-sign buy-back program:
“One other issue I’d like to clarify relates to the city’s snipe sign buy-back program that will take place tomorrow. March 28th at Everbank Field. No political signage of any kind will be allowed in this buy-back program. Period. If you try to get the city to buy back a political snipe sign, be careful you don’t find yourself in a situation of being accused of theft. If you misunderstood these rules, I would advise anyone who might have illegally and unintentionally removed political signs to immediately return those signs back to their original locations.”
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