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The information on the website says "received" not "tabulated".  The web is driven by information from the voter registration system. This information is separate from the tabulation system. When your vote by mail ballot is received, the signature on the voter certificate on the back of the envelope is scanned and compared to the signature on file with the voter registration system. If it is good, the registration updates to say your ballot was received. If the signature is rejected, the website would say "received with voter error". If your ballot has a problem we then mail a cure affidavit to the voter allowing them to cure the problem.

Once the envelope is validated it is processed for opening. Once it is opened the voter registration system does not see it again. The ballots are separated from the envelopes and kept separate to ensure voter secrecy, that is why we can't match a ballot to an envelope once it has been opened. This is why the registration system says "received" on the website, not tabulated, because a ballot could be received in the first week after its sent out, but will not be opened and tabulated until the time allowed by law. The website only updates to "tabulated" after the election.