Canvassing Board

About the Canvassing Board

The County Canvassing Board is made up of the Supervisor of Elections, a county court judge (who acts as chair), and a city council member. Two alternate members (a county court judge and a city council member) are also appointed. The County Canvassing Board meets at the Supervisor of Elections office to publicly canvass the elector's vote-by-mail ballots and provisional ballots. Public notice of the dates and times of all meetings will be posted on our website.

If any member of the County Canvassing Board is unable to serve, is a candidate who has opposition in the election being canvassed, or is an active participant in the campaign or candidacy of any candidate who has opposition in the election being canvassed, such member will be relaced pursuant to Florida Statute 102.141.

Duval County Canvassing Board Members

Mike Hogan, Supervisor of Elections
Judge Dawn Hudson, County Judge
Michael Boylan, City Council Member

Canvassing Board Observer Rules

Adopted October 9, 2020

To maintain order and efficiency during Canvassing Board activities, the following procedures have been established for observers of the election process:

  • All observers must sign in on the visitor’s log.

  • All observers will be required to wear a face mask or face shield. If any observer needs a reasonable accommodation from this requirement, such accommodation must be requested at least 24-hours in advance, unless such notice is impracticable.

  • All observers will have their temperature taken prior to entry into the Canvassing Board space. Observers with a temperature of 100.4˚F or higher will not be admitted.

  • All observers will be escorted to the designated observer area.

  • Observation seating has been arranged for social distancing. Observers should not rearrange or move seating. Observers shall remain in the designated observer areas during the Canvassing Board activities.

  • Observation space is limited.

    • Accordingly, if more people wish to observe than seats are available, the observers may be asked to observe for a limited time to accommodate all persons desiring to observe.

    • Designated party/candidate representatives shall have priority seating; however they may be limited to one per party/candidate if there are more observers than space is available.

  • Observers may not interfere with the Canvassing Board process. Observers shall not ask questions or address the Canvassing Board during Board activities or deliberations.

  • Use of cellular phones is permitted; however, observers using cellular phones or other technology for voice calls, games, music or other activities which are deemed disruptive to the operations of the Canvassing Board will be required to leave the Canvassing Board room.

  • Unless otherwise permitted by law, cameras, video cameras and cell phone cameras are not permitted to be used during ballot canvassing.

  • Observers may only challenge vote by mail ballots where they believe the ballot is illegal due to a defect on the voter’s certificate or cure affidavit pursuant to FS 101.65. Observers may file a qualifying protest with the Canvassing Board any time prior to the ballot being removed from the envelope. (FS 101.6104 & FS 101.68(2)(c)4))

Any individual who violates theses rules will be required to leave the Canvassing Board room or observation area. These rules may be amended, modified or added to by the Canvassing Board to ensure an orderly and expeditious process.

OGC Doc.# 1394606