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• signature
• political party affiliation,
• name, or
• address

PLUS request vote-by-mail ballots,

complete a Federal Post Card Application

.  This form may ONLY be used by members of the uniformed services living outside Duval County; uniformed services members’ dependents and spouses living outside Duval County; and overseas voters. If you do not meet the requirements to use this form, go to our Register to Vote section. 

Return the completed form by (email to or fax (904-301-3867) if the person is already registered to vote in Florida. (How does a person register to vote in Florida?)



• signature,
• political party affiliation, 
• name, or
• address,

complete a Florida Voter Registration Application. This form is for both registration and updates. 


Return the completed form by email to or fax (904-301-3867) if the person is already registered to vote in Florida. (Register to Vote)



an address only,

the easiest way to do it is to email OR call Maggie Johnson at (904) 255-3431, OR fax (904-301-3867) with the following information (only the voter him or herself may update a voter registration record):

1. Voter’s name.

2. Voter’s date of birth.

3. Voter’s Duval County legal voting residence address. (If a voter is temporarily living outside Duval County; is not maintaining a residence address within Duval County; and intends to return to Duval County, then that person may use the address of the Supervisor of Elections Office—105 East Monroe Street, Jacksonville, Florida   32202—as his or her legal voting residence address.) IMPORTANT!! If you use 105 East Monroe Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202, as your voting residence address, you MUST provide a mailing address outside Duval County (see item 4).

4. The mailing address for items such as voter registration cards and sample ballots.

5. Signature of person making the update (only required for updates submitted by fax or mail).

6. Preferred delivery method for vote-by-mail ballots:  mail, fax, or email. ONLY OVERSEAS AND MILITARY/DEPENDENT VOTERS are eligible for faxed and emailed ballots. 

NOTE: To use the emailed ballot, the voter will need to have a printer, printer paper, two envelopes, and postage. Further instructions are provided with emailed and faxed ballots. 

7. Where to send any vote-by-mail ballots:  either address, fax number, or email address.

8. If applicable, if not already provided above, the voter’s overseas address (or a statement that the voter is overseas. For example, “Voter is living overseas.”) 

PLEASE NOTE! An annual signature update is recommended.  Vote-by-mail ballots can be rejected if the signature returned with the voted ballot does not match the signature on the voter’s registration record. Use option (1) or (2) above to update signature.

To request or re-request vote-by-mail ballots, please provide items 1-7 above.

Fla. Stat. §97.103(1)(b) (2014), §101.045 (2014) and §101.62(1)(b) (2014)