Third Party Voter Registration Organizations

A third-party voter registration organization (3PVRO) is defined in Florida law as any person, entity, or organization soliciting or collecting voter registration applications. A third-party voter registration organization does not include:

  1. A person who seeks only to register to vote or collecting voter registration applications from that person’s spouse, child, or parent; or
  2. A person engaged in registering to vote or collecting voter registration applications as an employee or agent of the Division of Elections, Supervisor of Elections, Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, or an official voter registration agency. (sections 97.021 & 97.058, Florida Statutes).

Prior to collecting applications, any person or entity must register as a 3PVRO. To register, the person or entity must submit Form DS-DE 119 to the Division of Elections,

For information about registering as a third-party voter registration organization, go to the Division of Elections/Third Party Voter Registration Organization webpage.

Once you have registered with the Division of Elections and you have received and ID number from them, you may pick up voter registration applications from our office. Or you may download a voter registration application and make copies.

Please call Brenda at 255-3416 or email Brenda if you have questions or to request voter applications.