Upcoming Elections

2023 Elections

A first Consolidated Government election is held on the twelfth Tuesday of the year in which general Consolidated Government elections are to be held. A general Consolidated Government election is held on the eighth Tuesday after the first Consolidated Government election. Under the unitary election system, the first election is held with a single ballot for all voters winthin each electoral district, regardless of political party affiliation. Candidates appear on the ballot with party labels and campaign as party candidates. Any candidate winning a majority of votes in the first election is elected; if no candidate for a position wins a majority, then the general election serves as a runoff between the top two winners regardless of party affiliation. All city council seats are up for election at each unitary election year.

First Election: March 21, 2023
General Election: May 16, 2023

2023 Voter Registration/Bookclosing Deadline

Eligible individuals can register to vote at any time. The deadline to register in order to participate in an upcoming election is 29 days before the election. The registration deadlines for 2023 are:

First Election: February 21, 2023
General Election: April 17, 2023

2023  Candidates

Qualified Candidates  

Candidate Campaign Reports