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Upcoming machine recount for the race of Mayor of Atlantic Beach

JACKSONVILLE – In the process of finalizing an election, the Duval County Canvassing Board must submit unofficial results to the state by noon on Monday, November 14, 2022, pursuant to the recent executive order by Governor DeSantis. If the unofficial results indicate that any candidate for any office was defeated by one half of a percent or less, a recount shall be ordered by the county’s Canvassing Board (F.S. s. 102.141(7)).

While the unofficial results have not been finalized, the current results in the Mayoral race for the city of the Atlantic Beach have a .11% margin between the two leading candidates. Accordingly, it appears that a recount will be necessary.

The recount will involve a statutorily required multi-step process. First, the tabulating equipment will be tested. Second, the ballots will be recounted. Once the recount is conducted, if the margin between the candidates is within a ¼ of a percent or less, a manual recount of the overvotes and undervotes for the City of Atlantic Beach ballots will be required unless (a) the eliminated candidate requests in writing that the recount not be made or the number of overvotes and undervotes is fewer than the number of votes needed to change the outcome of the election. (F.S. s. 102.166)

All these proceedings will be noticed and open to the public.” If you have any questions regarding the machine recount reference please call our office at (904) 255 - “VOTE” 8683.

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