Vote-By-Mail Data

Primary Election: August 28, 2018
General Election: November 6, 2018


Note:  Vote by mail (VBM or absentee ballot - these words are used interchangeably) requests may be made for all elections through 2019. Voters may check our website on the home page to determine their vote by mail status.

Deadlines to be noted:

8/28/18 Primary      Last day to request a ballot to be mailed 8/22/18
Last day elections office may mail ballots 8/24/18
11/6/18 General Last day to request a ballot to be mailed 10/31/18
Last day elections office may mail ballots 11/2/18


The elections office makes vote by mail requester data available to candidates, political committees, and political parties pursuant to Section 101.62 (3): F.S.

Request for vote-by-mail ballots  “…The information shall be confidential and exempt from the provisions of s.119.07 (1) and shall be made available to or reproduced only for the voter requesting a ballot, a canvassing board, and election official, a political party or official thereof, a candidate who has filed qualification papers and is opposed in an upcoming election, and registered political committees for political purposes only."

The approved entity (i.e., the candidate) must complete the access form (link at bottom of the page) and mail it to 105 E. Monroe St., Jacksonville, FL 32202. 

The requester will be provided with a user code, password, a link to the Vote By Mail Portal and instructions for use.

The data is provided as a text file, in .csv format. The end user views and manages the data using MS Excel or another database management software. The data is county-wide; the end user must extract what is needed. The end user accepts the data AS IS and has the responsibility to insure the integrity of the data when shared with third parties.

There are four types of vote by mail voters:

A. Overseas military  C. Domestic military
B. Overseas civilian D. Domestic civilian

For our purposes, "Overseas" is comprised of the first three types (A, B, and C). Domestic is civilian only.

The number of requests in the queue changes daily. Contact the Candidate Department for estimates.

After the "First Drops" are completed, VBM ballots are mailed daily.

Election  Date posted* First Drop OS Data posted* First Drop Domestic
Primary 7/12/17 7/14/17 7/21/17 7/25 - 8/1/17
General 9/20/17 9/22/17 9/29/17 10/3 - 10/10/17

*Subject to change

During the active election cycle, files will be posted daily on the portal (when new data is available).

The following fields: Mailing_Address_1, Mailing_Address_2, Mailing_Address_3 and Mailing_Address_4 represent the address where the vote by mail ballot will be mailed.

VBM returns will be posted on the portal when they become available.

Absentee Return Codes:
M Mailed
V Voted, returned good
C Request Cancelled
E Voter error
U Returned undeliverable
R Requested for one election only
N No signature

Candidates who wish to obtain printed mailing labels for the vote-by-mail requests on a daily basis may make arrangements with the Candidate Department. (Cost for labels is 50 cents per page - 20 labels per page). Label customers must complete the required form and submit payment.

Application for Access to the Vote-by-Mail Portal
(For use by statutory entities only)

To obtain vote-by-mail ballot request information, please complete the form and return to SOE office
along with $50.00 check payable to: Supervisor of Elections 

Duval County Supervisor of Elections
ATTN: Candidate Department
105 East Monroe Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

(Updated June 2017)