County Office Information

(Terms of office, qualifications, filing and qualifying information)

2020 Special Election for City Council District 4  

These offices are elected during the federal elections every two years and are nonpartisan.

County Judge Word doc of county judge candidate information PDF of county judge candidate information

School Board Word doc of school board candidate information PDF of school board candidate information

Soil & Water Conservation District Word doc of soil & water conservation district candidate information PDF of soil & water conservation district candidate information

Special Districts Word doc of special districts candidate information PDF of special districts candidate information

This office is elected during the presidential elections every four years and is a partisan office.

Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts Word doc of Clerk of the Circuit and County Court candidate information PDF of Clerk of the Circuit and County Court candidate information

Precinct and State* Committeemen and women are elected during the presidential election year.

Precinct/State committeemen and committeewomen  

*Note: The Democratic Party elects its State Executive Committeeman and Woman at its organizational meeting pursuant to their party by-laws.

Duval County is a consolidated county. Elections for mayor, constitutional officers and city council "shall be held in the year 1979 and quadrennially thereafter." (Jacksonville Ordinance Sec. 350.101)

Mayor Word doc of mayoral candidate information PDF of mayoral candidate information

Sheriff Word doc of sheriff candidate information PDF of sheriff candidate information

Supervisor of Elections Word doc of Supervisor of Elections candidate information PDF of Supervisor of Elections candidate information

Property Appraiser Word doc of Property Appraiser candidate information PDF of Property Appraiser candidate information

Tax Collector word doc of tax collector candidate information PDF of tax collector candidate information

City Council word doc of city council candidate information PDF of city council candidate information

Please see the Division of Elections website for information on running for state and multi-county offices and contact the municipal city clerk for municipal offices.