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Duval County’s Supervisor of Elections Assures Safety of Poll Workers and Voters in Upcoming Primary Election

JACKSONVILLE-Mike Hogan, Duval County Supervisor of Elections, informs the public that voters and poll workers will be kept safe during Early Voting and Election Day. Early Voting is scheduled from Monday, August 3, through Sunday, August 16. Election Day is Tuesday, August 18.

“We will keep voters and poll workers safe by following Centers for Disease Control (CDC) protocols, just like we did in March,” Hogan said. “We had no issues at that time.”

Stating he was proud of the poll workers who have stepped up to work during this unprecedented time, Hogan shared how his office plans to protect poll workers:

1.   Prescreening on Election Day – Workers will answer a series of questions to make sure they are healthy and ready to work.

2.   Face Shields, Hand Sanitizer, and Surface Wipes – Workers will be provided with these cleaning and personal protective materials.

3.   Cleansing Instructions – Workers will be instructed to wash their hands often.

4.   Cleaning Personnel – An additional worker has been hired for each of Duval County’s 199 precincts whose job will be to sanitize and clean all contact surfaces, including                          voting booths.

5.   Spacing – Voting booths will be spaced to complement our social distancing efforts.

6.   Social Distancing Reminders – All voters will be encouraged to stay mindful of social distancing guidelines.

Saying he was also proud of Duval County’s voters, Hogan shared how his office plans to protect them:

1.   Masks and Hand Sanitizer – Both masks and hand sanitizer will be available to voters

2.   Cleaning – All surfaces touched by voters will be cleaned.

3.   Single-use Secrecy Sleeves – Secrecy Sleeves used for ballots will be used only once.

4.   ID Presentation – Voters will experience a nearly “touchless” identification presentation process.

“We are making every effort to provide a safe and sanitary voting experience for our poll workers and our voters,” Hogan added.

For more information, please call Supervisor Hogan at 904-630-1414 or email him at

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