About Jerry Holland

Jerry Holland, SOE

Duval County’s Supervisor of Elections, Jerry Holland, was elected into office in the 2005 Special Election.  He is honored in having the opportunity to serve the citizens of Duval County for three consecutive terms, being re-elected in 2007 and in 2011 was re-elected without opposition.  With many progressive ideas about educating the public on elections and facilitating the voting process, Holland looks forward to providing the citizens of Duval County with the transparency and integrity they have come to expect. 

Duval County’s Supervisor of Elections Office is one of the first counties in Florida to return to a complete paper ballot trail for all voters, fulfilling a promise by Holland.  In 2007, our office installed the Relia-Vote absentee mailing equipment, a system to lower the cost and yet speed up the absentee voting process while also allowing each absentee ballot to be tracked through the postal system.

Throughout Holland’s three consecutive terms, his office has registered 49,820 students in Countywide Student Voter Registration Drives held each school year. Holland’s goal is to introduce students to the electoral process to strengthen the foundation of our Democracy and to continue educating the future generations.

Jerry Holland continues to access the distribution and locations of precincts throughout Duval County to more evenly allocate the number of registered voters per precinct. Within the three consecutive terms, he has established early voting sites throughout the city, made each of the 200 precincts ADA accessible and secured AutoMARK voting machines with capabilities to assist all voters. Each of these initiatives is in an effort to make voting more accessible to everyone.

Holland served as the 2002-2003 President of City Council during his first term on the Council. In 2003 and 2004, he also served as President of the Northeast Florida Regional Council representing the seven counties in northeast Florida. Holland sponsored legislation that addressed many important issues facing our city. He drafted the legislation that completely re-wrote our Animal Control laws. He proposed the legislation that provided an additional twenty-five thousand dollars of homestead exemption for low income seniors. Holland is often thanked for his legislation that approved the purchasing of thermal image cameras for all fire stations allowing rescue personnel to find citizens in burning buildings. He brought forth legislation providing for a Drive Education Safety Trust Fund when the program was in jeopardy of being dropped. To maintain the Veterans’ Memorial Wall Monument, Holland introduced legislation allowing the wall to exist in its current location and then design a park surrounding the wall after the razing of the old coliseum.

Holland earned his Master’s degree in Education and his Bachelor of Business Administration in Transportation and Logistics from the University of North Florida. He was selected as the University of North Florida 2008 Outstanding Alumnus for the College of Education and Human Resources. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Data Processing from Jones College and is a graduate of Fletcher Senior High School.

In 2008, he received the Civil Rights Restoration Community Award given by the Jacksonville Alumni chapter of Kappa Alpha PSI Fraternity. In 2009, Holland received the Business Diplomat of the Year Award given by the International Visitors Corp of Jacksonville. Over the past three consecutive terms in office Holland has had the privilege of hosting foreign delegates from 78 countries. Each visiting delegate had the opportunity to contribute in a discussion of our electoral process and see how to protect voting rights, encourage voter registration and oversee voting to guarantee fair and accurate elections. In 2010, Holland graduated with an Elections/Registration Administrator (CERA) certificate through the Elections Center’s Professional Education Program. He is also the in-coming President for the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections (FSASE). His goal is to preserve and accelerate public trust in the democratic process by providing elections with transparency and integrity.

In his spare time Holland raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by running marathons. He has successfully completed four marathons.

 Holland and his wife, Beverly, have one son, Brian married to Kylie. They are the proud grandparents of their first grandchild, Ethan. He and his wife have been members of the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville since 1978.