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March 15, 2012   Tracie Davis
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New Voting Equipment on the way for Duval County Elections Office

Today, The City of Jacksonville signed the contract for the new software and voting equipment for Duval County Supervisor of Elections Office. The software and voting equipment was purchased from Election Systems & Software (ES&S) for the 2012 Elections.

The DS200 Precinct-Based Digital Scanner, the DS850 Central Scanner and ElectionWare software is what the Elections Office purchased in full preparation for the 2012 Elections. The DS200 is a precinct based paper ballot scanner that combines the security and voter confidence by increasing accuracy with a digital image scanner. The DS850 Central Scanner combines high-speed technology while sorting 300 ballots per minute for a 14-inch ballot, allowing the absentee process to be more efficient.

The DS200 scanner will be used in conjunction with the AutoMARK ballot marking equipment. The AutoMARK equipment allows all voters, including those with disabilities, to mark a paper ballot independently by using the machine's touch screen and accessibility functions, like a Braille keypad or audio recordings of the ballot for those with visibility impairments.

All voting equipment is scheduled to arrive at the Election Center at the Gateway Mall on Monday, March 19, 2012. Duval County Supervisor of Elections staff will begin training on the new equipment on April 2, 2012.

Our office will showcase the new voting equipment to the community in April at various Libraries around Jacksonville.Duval County is the first in the State with the ES&S ElectionWare software.