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2008 Presidential Write-In Candidates

The Duval County Supervisor of Elections Office receives numerous requests after each election for a list of all the candidates that were written onto voters’ ballots as a write-in.
To be a valid write-in candidate, a person must qualify by completing certain steps as determined by the Florida Statutes. Some of the names written onto ballots are those of valid write-in candidates while many are not. The Elections Office only counts the votes cast for valid write-in candidates. (Gary Nettles/Brad Krones were the official presidential and vice-presidential write-in candidates).

However, for many voters, being able to have the option to write in their candidate of choice allows them to express their feelings regarding a particular election, and this presidential election was no exception. Whether for practical reasons or for expressions of protest, many voters used the write-in space as an opportunity to make their opinions known.

The Duval County Supervisor of Election Office has compiled and attached a list of candidates, valid and invalid, that voters chose to write onto the ballot of the 2008 General Election. To see this list, click here.